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Star of the Month for November 2012!

Posted on Nov 03, 2012 by jronchetto  | Tags: pet of the month, dogs

Drum roll please....... Congratulations to “Nikki” and the New Family! “Nikki” is our winner of Star of the Month for November!

Here is what her proud family has to say about her:Nikki

  • Nikki’s favorite treat is a carrot. She can be at the other end of the house and hear someone peeling a carrot in the kitchen. She will run right to the trash can and wait for the peelings to fall to the floor. She gobbles them up!!
  • When we first got her as a puppy her ears were as big as her body. They were so cute! She would run and trip over them all the time. It was adorable. She is our first born daughter!
  • Nikki’s all time favorite thing to do is wake up in the morning. When we get up she gets up immediately and begins rolling all over the floor and stretching. And then she runs around completely hyper all over the house – every morning. And even though she is 8 years old, you would never know it by the way she takes those corners!
  • Nikki has been a patient of CVC for one month and we are in love!

Here is what “Nikki” says about her loving family:

“My human companions love me so much they let me follow them all over the house, and no matter how much I shed, they let me lay wherever they are – even if it’s on the couch. Because when I am cold and shivering, I get to cuddle up next to them in a blanket and feel the love!”

As Star of the Month, “Nikki” will not only be featured on our website here, but also on our Facebook page and will be specially featured on our STAR wall in the lobby of CVC! Congratulations “Nikki”! We love you!

If you would like to nominate your pet for CVC’s Star of the Month, be sure to fill out a nomination form or take our survey at your next appointment!