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New Years Tips for You and Your Pet

Posted on Dec 26, 2012 by jronchetto  | Tags: pet safety, holidays

While we like to ring in the New Year with parties and fun, all that “ringing” can be terrifying for your pets.  So here are some tips from Animal Care and Control to help keep your pet safe and stress free.

  • Keep your pets indoors and away from windows.  Fireworks can frighten pets and cause them to act out of the ordinary.
  • Because fireworks and noisemakers can frighten and disorient pets, pets are more likely to attempt to hide or run away from home.
  • Pay attention to your pet’s behavior and act accordingly. If your pet is frightened, try to comfort them
  • Do not allow children to touch frightened pets. Animals may bite or act aggressive when they feel vulnerable.
  • Make sure your pets don’t slip out of an open door if you are having a party.
  • Always have a current license and identification on your pet’s neck so if they get lost they can be returned. And while some tags can fall off, microchipping is an even better form of identification and increases the chances of your pet being safely returned to you. We offer microchipping here at CVC!
  • If you have lost an animal, and you live in the Santa Clarita area, visit your local animal shelter- Castaic Animal Shelter’s contact information is: 661-257-3191. Also be sure to call us here at CVC: Contacting local Santa Clarita veterinarians can increase your search network greatly!

We are dedicated to giving the pets of Santa Clarita the best care possible, so in preparation for New Year’s Eve we carry a natural homeopathic remedy called Storm Stress that can help reduce stress and anxiety in your pet. Storm Stress is not a sedative but rather a botanical blend that uses the properties of plants and minerals to produce a calming affect in your pet. Storm Stress is easy to administer in droplet form and is a very safe product for your pet. If this sounds like the right product for you and your pet, please call us for more information at 661-253-9300.