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Star of the Month for January 2013!

Posted on Jan 07, 2013 by jronchetto  | Tags: pet of the month, dogs


Congratuations to Miss "Gracie Ruth" and the O'Connell Family!

As star of the month, Gracie will be featured here as well as our Facebook page and have a special place of honor on our Star Wall in the lobby.

Here is what Gracie Ruth's family says about her:

-Gracie came to us with her name at 6 months old.  We added the name Ruth because she was given to us by Aunt Ruth.

-Gracie loves anything in the form of a treat- Especially bacon strips!  Treat was one of the first words she learned.  She will even dance for a treat.

-Gracie is our friend and companion.  She keeps us company, warm at night, and loves us unconditionally. She traves all over with us, has warmed the hearts of many at the airports and my husband has declared her a "chick magnet".

-It was fun to watch Gracie have full out wrestling matches with our daughter's cat, Sebastian.  They would wrestle, play, and chase ech other all over the house. Then they would curl up together and take a nap.

-Gracie's favorite thing to do is sleep all day under a pillow on the bed.  She alsoloves to g on a walk to get the mail. If you mention the word "mail" she is out the door!

Here is what Gracie says about her family: "My human companions love me so much that they spoil me endlessly.  I have the life of a Queen!"