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Star of the Month for May 2013!

Posted on May 08, 2013 by jronchetto  | Tags: pet of the month, dogs

Meet Cody Jones! Cody is our Star of the Month for May! We love Cody and so does his family. Here is wat his family say about sweet Cody:

- My son Colin and I named him Cody after one of the first Golden's that I met many years ago. He was such a beautiful dog. So when we brought this little guy home he became Cody, and as we refer to his at times, Cody-bear. 

- Cody’s favorite treats are Trader Joe's peanut butter dog biscuits. He has a couple that he is partial to, he loves the raw-hide rolls wrapped in the chicken breast from Trader Joe's too. They are all made in the USA. 

- Cody likes to look in our bedroom closet door mirror. Recently, I took down a decor mirror in our living room and had it standing up on the floor by the couch. Cody would sit in front of the mirror and growl at the dog in the mirror for the longest time. What really spooked him is when our Lab, Sophia, came up behind him and then there were two dogs. He is kind of embarrassed now that he realized the dogs were not real. 

-  Well there isn't enough time in the day to tell why Cody is so special but I will give you a couple. 1.) When we rescued Sophia from New Leash On Life, she did not like other dogs, but Cody was able to win her over and they are always together. 2.) My son has big time seizures and Cody somehow is able to tell when one is coming on. He is the first in my son's room and usually sitting either on him or by him to protect him during the seizure. Most of all Cody is just a loving spirit in our home and so is our Sophia. 

- He loves to be out exploring at the park, and just being with people. He even likes to watch Animal Planet, especially when they have the big water buffalo on the screen. He is so into it! 

- Cody has been a patient at CVC since about November, not too long after CVC opened. You are the best in the SCV area. Cody was recently pretty sick, and with your team at CVC he is back to normal. Our family is so grateful to you all! 

- Cody says: “My human companions love me so much that I think they would give up their life for me and they show me how much I mean to them all the time.”