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Star of the Month for June 2013!

Posted on Jun 06, 2013 by jronchetto  | Tags: pet of the month, dogs


Here's some fun facts about Ivory:

- Ivory's name came about from the fact that her coloring is an "ivory" color and it seemed like a great name!

-Ivory's favorite treats are bully sticks. She loves to chew on them.

- A funny story about Ivory: About 2 years ago Ivory got injured at the dog park (well that part is not funny!) Since Ivory was hobbling around on 3 legs for quite a while, I took her to an emergency vet center in the SF valley.  We walk in and low and behold Ivory stopped limping! She was examined by the vet and found to have a soft tissue injury. As we are leaving the vet's office, no limping. We get home, she is once again the 3 legged limping puppy! We believe Ivory waned the vet to believe that she was fine and didn't have an injury.  Silly puppy! What an actress.

-Ivory is so special to our entire family because she is a treasured, loved, and adored member of our family.

- Ivory's favorite thing to do is sit on the very top of the couch, look out the window and watch (and sometimes howl) at people walking by our house. She especially likes it when we have company, she makes everyone feel welcome.

- Ivory has been a patient of CVC for 6 months.

Ivory say "My human companions love me so much that I get to sit in the front passenger seat of the car... always!"

Congratulation sweet Ivory!