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Star of the Month for July 2013!

Posted on Jul 02, 2013 by jronchetto  | Tags: pet of the month, dogs

Congratulations to Kramer Carmody who is our Star of the Month for July!!

Here are some fun facts about Kramer:

- Kramer's owners said he got his name "When he arrived at our home on his first day with us, he slid across the floor, his hair on his head stood straight up, and we said "He's a Kramer"! (after the character on Seinfeld).

- Kramer's favorite treat are Frosty Paws.

- Kramer only has 3 legs and he doesn't even know it!

- His favorite activity is to swim swim swim!!

- Kramer has been a patient of CVC since the beginning! (he is patient #14)

Kramer says, "My family loves me so much that they let me hog the bed every night!"