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Benefits of Pre-Surgical Testing

Posted on Aug 06, 2013 by  | Tags: pet safety, blood work, surgery

Prior to any anesthetic procedure, it is highly recommended we perform a basic blood test to determine that your pet is in good health.  Pre-surgical testing allows us to establish healthy baseline values; there are times when your pets’ blood values will change and having the healthy values will allow us to determine how subtle or significant those changes are. Having blood work performed will let us identify an unseen disease. For example, there are times when a disease is shown based on blood work results before clinical signs are present. Because our pets usually conceal their pain, sometimes blood work is the only way we are able to catch any diseases. Being able to detect these diseases before the clinical signs are present increases the chances of a successful outcome, and can even lower the cost of treatment – early detection is key.

Another benefit of pre-surgical testing is we are evaluating your pets’ ability to filter out and rid the body of anesthesia by-products. A normal test result means your pet will likely recover from anesthesia more easily, and it also provides a peace of mind. You are doing everything possible to ensure a positive outcome for your pet.

Running these tests is vital for a safe surgery. While there is some degree of risk with any anesthetic procedures, we do everything we can to minimize those risks. A young, seemingly healthy pet does not guarantee a normal result.  Having a wellness exam performed prior to surgery and reviewing your pets medical history helps us to make sure any procedure will be as safe as possible!