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Star of the Month for October 2013!

Posted on Oct 01, 2013 by  | Tags: pet of the month, dogs

1. Why did you decide on “Gabby” as your pet’s name?
She got her name because she is a very vocal cat, and enjoys "talking" to us.  Gabby was the loudest cat at the shelter we adopted her from - we didn't just choose her, she yelled that she was coming home with us... Right meow!!

2. What is Gabby’s favorite treat?
Her favorite treat would be her "cookies" (Temptations Cat Treats) or her wet food (either Friskies or Meow Mix.  It depends on who's giving it to her at the time she gets it.)  Gabby is special - she not only loves her cookies, but also finds joy in the sounds of ripping/crumpling paper as well as HER cardboard boxes.  Anything she can rub her face on or eat is a treat for her!

3. Tell us something funny that happen to Gabby.
Gabby loves the sound of paper being shredded by her tiny claws. She once "helped" her mama write a college paper by shredding the notes and citation page.  She's very careful with her claws tho and sometimes likes to play **whats the slap hands game??**

4. Why is Gabby so special?
Gabby is special because she enjoys being with us and she loves us just as much we love her.  Gabby is full of sass and personality. She tells you what to do and not the other way around!

5. What is Gabby’s favorite thing to do?
Gabby loves storming the castle, watching her TV (looking out the windows or the front screen door) and waiting for her birds to come visit her at her window.  When she's not busy running amok, she loves long cuddles and hiding in her cardboard boxes - or in paper take out bags when available.  Gabby also enjoys sticking her head inside shoes - especially shoes that just come off someone's feet!  Guaranteed, within 2 minutes of the shoe being off, you'll see Gabby snuggled w/ the shoe rubbing her face on it and/or sticking her face right into the shoe!

6. How long has Gabby been a patient at CVC?
Gabby has been a patient for one year.  Gabby's old school, she's been here since the beginning!

7. Please finish this sentence: My human companion(s) love me so much that…
They sing me special songs with my name placed in the lyrics.  And they're the best snugglers!