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Star of the Month for November!

Posted on Nov 01, 2013 by  | Tags: pet of the month, dogs



Congratulations to Theo, our Pet of the Month for November! Here are some fun facts about Theo:

This is how Theo got his name:  When we go Theo his name was T-Bird. We liked the T part but needed something different. When I was walking him one day, one of my friends said "he looks like Theodore Roosevelt" and it stuck!

His favorit treat is Pupperoni

His owners say everyday is fun with Leo!

Theo is special because he is a complete love bug. He likes to put his paws around his owners shoulders and lays his head on her shoulder.

Theo loves to walk and play with is brothers.

Theo has been a patient at CVC since we opened. His owners say "We love Dr Ronchetto!"

HIs human companions love him so much that they would do anything for him!