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Star of the Month for December!

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Congratulations to our Star of the Month for December, Joey Kaiser!

Here are some fun facts about Joey:

1) Joey had his name before we adopted him. Otherwise, we would have given him a Hawaiian name or an Italian name. But "Joey" is pretty close to an American Italian, so it was ok.

2). Joey eats anything. But I guess Bacon Strips are his favorite.

3). He's our only dog that loves water. If it's hot outside, he will "dig out" the water from his water dish so his feet get cooled off.

4). His favorite thing to do is to be able to do what he wants to: sleep on your pillow, sit on another dog so he can have his spot, climb on the back of the couch so he can sit behind your head, etc.

5) Joey is special because he is a scalawag and a sweetheart rolled into one. We are so happy he came into our lives.

6). We have been coming to Cinema Vet since we moved here in July, 2013.

7). My human companions love me so much that they wouldn't give up on me until they were able to adopt me. I was being fostered by them and promised to another family. I escaped and bothered some chickens, so when the farmer told the people he would shoot me if I did it again, they gave me back to my real mom and dad. Yay!