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Star of the Month for January!

Posted on Jan 03, 2014 by  | Tags: star of the month, dogs, star

Congratulations to our Star of the Month for January 2014, Afikomen! Here are some fun facts about Afikomen:


1.      Why did you decide on “Afikomen” as your pet’s name? Afi's name came with him when I adopted him from Kitten Rescue. It was far too awesome to change. It's a Jewish term that's defined as, "That which comes after or makes something complete." This is fitting because that's exactly what he did for our little family…make it complete

2.      What is Afikomen’s favorite treat? Afi gets pretty high-end cat food, so his idea of a treat is anything like putting a can of Friskies in front of him. He will go nuts. I think it's like the human equivalent of scarfing on junk food.

3.      Tell us something funny that happen to Afikomen. Afikomen is a total clown. If he had a license, he'd drive everywhere in a clown car. Most everything he does makes me laugh. It's a common sight around the house to watch his doggy sister walk by with Afi dangling off her collar or dragging along from one of her back legs. 

4.      Why is Afikomen so special? Afi is a weirdly, wonderfully unique cat who loves dogs more than anything in the world. He LIVES for our pit bull, Stella. Afi was raised from a tiny kitten in a household that included many dogs and I seriously suspect he thinks he is one. He rolls over for belly rubs, comes when he's called and does a pretty good job following instructionswhich isn't much like a normal cat (at least not any that I've had!). He's also pretty amazing at emptying out drawers and cupboards and moving things from one spot in the house to another. We call him The Relocator. This is usually pretty hysterical until you can't find something like the cap to your toothpaste. 


5.      What is Afikomen’s favorite thing to do? Afi's happiest when he's barrel rolling all over his pit bull's head or letting her cover him in dog slobber. 

6.      How long has Afikomen been a patient at CVC? Afi has been a patient at the WONDERFUL Cinema Veterinary Center since it opened. I had Stella a couple years before Afi, and we've been with Dr. Ronchetto since she was at her previous clinic.

7.      Please finish this sentence: My human companion loves me so much that…she posts way, WAY too many pictures of me on Facebook. Way. Too. Many. Just stoppit. (She won't.)