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Pet of the Month for April 2014!

Posted on Apr 01, 2014 by  | Tags: pet of the month, dog

        Congratulations to our Pet of the Month for April 2014, Sassy! Here are some fun facts about Sassy:

         Why did you decide on “Sassy” as your pet’s name?

        "Sassy" is a red-headed, fiery Chihuahua...enough said!

2.         What is Sassy’s favorite treat?

        Sassy loves "chicken." Her ears perk up even more if she hears chicken!

3.       Tell us something funny that happen to Sassy.

      Sassy can't shake her baby habit. She carries around a "Mimi"...the first hair scruchie she found of mom's when she was a baby.

4.      Why is Sassy so special?

       Sassy is special because beyond her fiery personality, she is soooo sweet. She loves her adopted

      brother, Rodney, so much that she kisses him in the ear whenever mom yells, "dinner time."

5.      What is Sassy’s favorite thing to do?

      Sassy prances and loves to have a dance party! She stands on her hind legs and wiggles all over.

6.      How long has Sassy been a patient at CVC?

      Sassy has been a patient at CVC since day one. She couldn't wait to see Dr. Ronchetto. Dr. Ronchetto makes her feel at home!

My human companion loves me so much that…I don't even realize I am not human and can't eat at the dinner table or sleep in my mom's bed!