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May 2014 Pet of the Month

Posted on May 05, 2014 by  | Tags: pet of the month, dogs



Congratulations to our Pet of the Month for May, Tucker! Here are some fun facts about him:

1. How did you decide on Tuckers name? Don't all boy Berner's look like a Tucker?

2. What is his favorite treat? Ice Cubes & Popcorn

3. Tell us something funny that happened to Tucker: We have a koi pond filled with fish. Tucker loves to lay down beside the pond & watch his buddies swim up to him. They have gotten very use to him & he loves to watch over them.

4. Why is Tucker so special? He loves all animals, fur or feather.

5. What is Tuckers favorite thing to do? Camping at the Beach

6. How long as Tucker been a patient at CVC? Since opening.

7. My human companions love me so much that: They bought an RV just for me to vacation with them (true & expensive story) and they only bring me to Cinema Veterinary Centre!