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October Pet of the Month!

Posted on Oct 02, 2014 by  | Tags: pet of the month, dogs


Congratulations to Max, our October Pet of the Month!

1) How did you decide on Max's name?  We had just adopted him from the adoption place and while walking him to our car the first person we saw asked us about him and he said what is his name? We said we don't have one yet he said he looks like a Max so Max it was! And it just seem to fit.

2) What is Max's favorite treat? Chicken Applebark from JustFoodForDogs

3) Tell us something funny about Max:  He loves to take over your pillow at night and in the morning sit on your chest and smother you with kisses!!!
4) Why is Max so special?  He is such an appreciative little guy and so happy all the time.
5) What is his favorite thing to do? Walks and playing tug a war.
6) How long has Max been a patient at CVC? A little less than a year
7) My parents love me so much that: 'they take me to Cinema Veterinary Centre were everyone is so nice.'