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January 2015 Pet of the Month

Posted on Jan 05, 2015 by  | Tags: pet of the month, dog


Congratulations to Luckey, our Pet of the Month for January. Here are some fun facts about Luckey!


1.  Why did you decide on “Luckey” as your pet’s name?

I decided on that name because I was so lucky to find such an amazing, sweet, loving compnaion like him!


2.  What is Luckey’s favorite treat?

His favorite treat is EVERYTHING, but his number one favorite would be chicken jerky.


3.  Tell us something funny that happened to Luckey.

When luckey was a puppy I brought him over to my aunts and uncles house and all the kids loved him so much! He absolutely loved the attention and all of a sudden I leave him and the kids alone and the second I look back I see him trying to give one of the little girls a piggy back ride!


4.  Why is Luckey so special? 

Luckey is so very special to me because, he and I soend most of our time together and he is always there for me and giving me company. Its so funny because when he is doing something he isnt suppose to do and my parents are yelling at him he will look straight at me and run to me for me to protect him which i think is so cute. He and i share such a string bond and i am so thanful that he is in my life.

5.  What is Luckey’s favorite thing to do?

Luckey loves going on walks and meeting new friends to play with.

6.  How long has Luckey been a patient at CVC?

A little over a year.

7.  Please finish this sentence: My human companion(s) love me so much that…

If I am feeling down he will run to me and give me a bunch of yucky slobbery kisses till I start laughing!