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July Pet of the Month

Posted on Jul 15, 2015 by Erin  | Tags: july, pet of the month, dog, dalmation

Congratulations to Bentley our July Pet of the Month! Here are a few fun facts about Bentley:

1. Why did you decide on “Bentley” as your pet’s name?
Because we can't afford the car brand, so at least we can say we have a "Bentley".

2. What is Bentley’s favorite treat?
Licking the straw from a Pina Colada.

3. Tell us something funny that happened to Bentley.
He got startled by the waterfall in our pool, and now attacks it viciously if we turn it on. So we stopped using it.

4. Why is Bentley so special?
He is incredibly gentle, calm, and loving. Unless you are a waterfall.

5. What is Bentley’s favorite thing to do?
Steal all the covers from the bed at night.

6. How long has Bentley been a patient at CVC?
Since he was born 2 year ago.

7. Please finish this sentence: My human companion(s) love me so much that…
...they are completely wrapped around my paw, I can get away with anything, and my feet barely touched the ground my first year (I'm too fat now to be carried now, though).