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June Pet of the Month

Posted on Jul 15, 2015 by Erin  | Tags: pet of the month, dog, pit bull

Congratulations to Luna our June Pet of the Month!!
Here are a few fun facts about Luna...

1. Why did you decide on “Luna” as your pet’s name?
Luna's mom is a huge Harry Potter fan and one of her favorite characters is Luna Lovegood.
2. What is Luna’s favorite treat?
Well...Luna has some stomach issues so she is only allowed certain things - but she loves everything. She gets a lot of apples and every now and then some peanut butter in a kong.
3. Tell us something funny that happened to Luna.
She really makes us laugh every day, but one moment that we'll always remember is when she heard the voice of one of her rescuers on an ipad. Our friend is one of the volunteers that helped rescue Luna and she also happens to have done the voice overs for an app we did for the ipad. I was checking it out one time at home and when Luna heard her voice she started running around looking for her. She then stared at the iPad and kept doing the head tilt because she couldn't understand where the voice was coming from and why she couldn't see her friend.
4. Why is Luna so special?
Luna is special because she can brighten the days of her parents in an instant, no matter what has happened.
5. What is Luna’s favorite thing to do?
Luna's favorite thing is to cuddle up on the couch with her mom.
6. How long has Luna been a patient at CVC?
For 1.5 years.
7. Please finish this sentence: My human companion(s) love me so much that…
They got more involved in the rescue community. They started creating art and helping raise money for rescues around the United States. They help tell stories through art about what rescue pups like me can do for humans like them.  You can see what I've inspired them to do on instagram @cjiro or