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August Pet of the Month

Posted on Sep 17, 2015 by Erin  | Tags: dog, pet of the month, sweet

Congratulations to Lucy our August Pet of the Month!!! Here are a few fun facts about Lucy:

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!

1. We decided on her name before we got her. We had rescued a Pomeranian named Linus and every Linus needs a Lucy, right?! Her nicknames are Lucy Love and Squishy because when she was young she loved being snuggled.

2. Lucy loves treats. Any treats as long as they are soft. No crunchy treats for this girl. She is the cookie monitor in the house. Anytime something happens they all get a treat or “cookie”. If they get brushed or they take a medication or daddy comes home, changes clothes, takes a shower they get a cookie. If you forget she will remind you by barking and spinning incessantly until you give her one. Sometimes we can just be sitting around and suddenly she decides its cookie time. I don’t know how she does it, we call it the Pomeranian Mind Meld, but she just looks at you and you know what she’s thinking.

3. Lucy has always been a funny dog. There are so many stories to tell… Once I couldn’t find her and Linus so I went walking around the house and I discover her in the bedroom on the nightstand pulling tissues out of the box and dropping them down to Linus who was waiting on the floor. Shredding paper seems to be a favorite pastime of Pomeranians. I came home once to find paper everywhere. It was on top of the coffee table, end tables, sofa, Chairs and covering the floor. The two of them had gotten hold of the JC Penney catalog and shredded a good third of it. All I could do was laugh and wish I could have watched. They must have had a blast!

I have traveled in the car a lot with Lucy, when I do if it’s hot I take an extra set of keys so if I have to go into a store I lock her in with the engine running. My darling Lucy knows how to roll down windows! Many times I came out to find her sitting there with the windows down just waiting for me! Yikes! Now I lock the windows too. She has quite a vocabulary too. Not just the usual like dinner, but she knows words like beach (her favorite place) RV, camping, get ready, go, leash, inside, outside.

4. Her favorite thing to do is go to the beach. As soon as she hits the sand she runs straight for the water. Now that she’s older we really have to watch her close because it doesn’t take much to knock her down but she insists on getting into the waves. You just can’t hold her back.

5. Lucy has been a patient of Dr. Ronchetto since before CVC opened and we hope she stays a patient for many more years. She’s 15 now and still happy and healthy. She still tosses her toys and plays soccer by herself with the tennis ball but she sleeps a little more soundly now and sometimes falls down while she’s spinning for her cookies but she gets right back up with a smile and spins again.

6. My human companions love me so much that they would do anything to make me happy.