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February Pet of the Month

Posted on Feb 06, 2016 by Erin  | Tags: chihuahua, dog, love, silly

Congratulations to Danno, our February Pet of the Month. Here are a few fun facts about sweet Danno:

1) Why did you decide on “Danno” as your pet’s name? We name all of our pets either Hawaiian or Italian names. We LOVE Hawaii 5-0, so we named him after a character on the show, as in "book 'em, Danno!"


2) What is Danno’s favorite treat? His favorite treat is whatever he can swallow!


3) Tell us something funny that happened to Danno. Since Danno is a lot smaller than our other dogs, he sometimes gets under a taller dog when it lifts its leg. Poor Danno's been hit once or twice...


4) Why is Danno so special? Danno is special because he is full of fun and enthusiasm. He plays nonstop and loves both my husband and I equally.


5) What is Danno’s favorite thing to do? Danno's favorite thing to do is play with his sister, Kali.  She is 20lbs bigger than Danno, but that doesn't stop him from rough housing with her. 


6) How long has Danno been a patient at CVC? Danno has been at CVC since 2014.


7) Please finish this sentence:  My human companions love me so much that I know I will be taken care of for the rest of my life.