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March Pet of the Month

Posted on Mar 09, 2016 by Erin  | Tags: handsome, love, lashes, dog, fancy, cocker spaniel, mix


CONGRATULATIONS to Oliver our March Pet of the Month!!
 Here are a few fun facts about this sweet boy:


1.            Why did you decide on “Oliver” as your pet’s name? My mom's decided to name me when they saw me and I looked like an Oliver to them!

2.            What is Oliver’s favorite treat? Cheese! Sweet potatoes, cheese, bananas and cheese!

3.            Tell us something funny that happened to Oliver. One time, my mommy left her plate full of food unattended when she turned around and I scarfed down all of her orange chicken and noodles.

4.            Why is Oliver so special? I have the longest lashes, most beautiful soul, loudest snore, weakest bladder, and shyest temperament.

5.            What is Oliver’s favorite thing to do? I love to sleep on my back in the middle of my mommies.

6.            How long has Oliver been a patient at CVC? I've been a good patient at CVC since I was 3 months old!

7.            Please finish this sentence: My human companion(s) love me so much that… I get a new toy every time my mommies go on vacation, I get to sleep in their bed and I get all of my meals first, otherwise I'll eat everyone else's food.