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June Pet of the Month

Posted on Jun 02, 2016 by Erin  | Tags: dogs, akita, sweet, love, pet of the month

Congratulations to Keke!! Our June Pet of the Month!!!
 Here are a few fun facts about this sweet girl:

1.      Why did you decide on “Keke” as your pet’s name?
We went back and forth for a long time until my husband suggested Keke and it was the only name we finally agreed on!
2.      What is Keke’s favorite treat?
Keke’s favorite treat is chicken (she goes crazy for it) and Frosty Paws (dog ice cream)!
3.      Tell us something funny that happened to Keke.
One time Keke got into the trash as a puppy when we weren’t home. She got her head stuck in the lid and had to wear it around her head until we got home. She looked so guilty!
4.      Why is Keke so special?
 Keke is special because she battles an auto-immune disease which almost took her eye sight twice. She endured her condition while still being sweet, affectionate, playful and happy. With treatment, Keke is now doing great!
5.      What is Keke’s favorite thing to do?
Keke’s favorite thing to do is lay on the back of the couch like a cat and look out the window all day.
6.      How long has Keke been a patient at CVC?
  Keke has been a patient of CVC since 2011.
7. Complete this sentence:My human companion(s) love me so much that…
they make photo albums of silly pictures with me and can’t imagine a life without me.