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August Pet of the Month

Posted on Aug 17, 2016 by Erin  | Tags: lab, chocolate, puppy, pet of the month, august, sweet, lovebug, cute

Congratulations to Nestle our August Pet of the Month!

Here are a few fun facts about this sweet girl:

1.      Why did you decide on “Nestlé” as your pet’s name?

All of our dogs have been chocolate labs and we always use a name that has a chocolate reference.

2.      What is Nestlé’s favorite treat?

Like most labs, she will eat anything (including books and crayons), but her favorite treat is probably plain cooked meat (like chicken or beef).

3.      Tell us something funny that happened to Nestlé .

Nestle got all wet inside our house by playing and splashing her entire water bowl out onto the floor.

 4.      Why is Nestlé so special?

She is so gentle, full of energy, and is very sweet, giving us kisses daily.

 5.      What is Nestlé’s favorite thing to do?

 Play with our other older lab, Dove, and go to meet other dogs and people.

6.      How long has Nestlé been a patient at CVC?

Since we brought her home as a puppy in May 2016.

 7.      Please finish this sentence: My human companion(s) love me so much that…

We allow her to sleep with us on our bed at night along with our other dog, Dove. Despite being a king sized bed, it does sometimes feel a bit crowded.