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Just Food For Dogs!

Posted on Nov 03, 2016 by kaitlin  | Tags: Just Food For Dogs, Healthy Pets, nutrition, veterinary medicine, food

Cinema Veterinary Centre is proud to be a retail location for JustFoodForDogs! JustFoodForDogs We now carry all of their frozen Daily Diets (one for cats too!), Prescription Diets, many yummy Treats, Veterinary Supplements (Calm, Olive Leaf Detox, Omega Plus Fish Oil, Joint Care and Probiotic Live) and DIY Kits.  Did you know that just chicken and rice is not a balanced meal for your pet?  With the DIY Kits, you can cook all the diets we carry yourself at home AND add the required nutrients your pet needs to make their diet balanced!  Call us today to ask us about the JustFoodForDog nutrition line and how you can get a sample of the diets!  1-661-253-9300!

To learn more about their products and their mission, visit!