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Operation Blankets of Love!

Posted on Dec 06, 2016 by kaitlin  | Tags: Shelter Pets, OBOL, Giving Season, Happy Holidays

Cinema Veterinary Centre is a proud drop off location for Operation Blankets of Love!

Find more about them at:

Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL) is a grassroots, community-driven nonprofit animal welfare and emergency relief organization founded in 2008.  Our unique purpose is to improve the well-being and survival of homeless animals and increase chances for survival and adoption -- with the ultimate aim of eliminating animal homelessness.  Most importantly, by improving homeless animals' quality of life, our services help them become more outgoing and affectionate, leading to increased adoptability and reduced euthanasia.

OBOL provides comfort and care items to shelters, rescues, pets of the homeless, sanctuaries, and fosters to improve the well-being of stray, sick, abused, and neglected homeless animals, increasing their chances for adoption which saves lives.

It is the season of giving!  If you have any old blankets, towels, etc that your family doesn't need/want anymore, feel free to drop them off here at Cinema Veterinary Centre and OBOL will come get them!

Happy Holidays!