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Posted on Dec 08, 2016 by kaitlin  | Tags: Just Food For Dogs, fresh food, free sample, treats, USDA, veterinary medicine

We all know the most important thing for a pet's diet (and ours!) is that it is BALANCED! There are so many brands of kibble out there that it's hard to choose the best one for your pet. So maybe you decide to cook for your pet yourself. Great idea! However, most people cannot get the diet balanced for their pet's nutritional needs. That's where JustFoodForDogs comes in!


JustFoodForDogs (JFFD) is a veterinarian formulated diet used by veterinarians to effectively manage diseases as well as offer a balanced daily diet for healthy pets! The two on-staff veterinarians are part of a team that has proven that feeding whole food diets provides superior nutrition to processed kibble. JFFD uses ingredients certified by the USDA and approved for human consumption! There are no preservatives, fillers or feed grade by-products that can be found in commercial grade food. Dogs that have been fed JFFD excuslively have shown a significant increase in white blood cells and circulating antibodies, and improved measures of immunity.


Is your pet already eating JustFoodForDogs diets?  Instead of having to go all the way to Sherman Oaks or one of their other kitchens, Cinema Veterinary Centre is now an authorized retailer!  We carry all of the Daily Diets, DIY Kits (you buy your own food and just add the Nutrient Blend to make the meal balanced!), Prescription Diets (exam required), Supplements (Omega Fish Oils, Joint Care, Probiotics, etc) and Treats!


Call us and ask how you can get a FREE sample of any of the diets (exam required for Veterinary Diet samples) or stop by and get a free sample of the treats! Your pets will love the fresh food and you will too!