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January Pet of the Month

Posted on Jan 11, 2017 by Erin  | Tags: corgi, dogs, puppies, love, cute, sweet, adorable

Congratulations to Baloo our January Pet of the Month!!!

Here are a few fun facts about this super sweet boy...

1.  Why did you decide on “Baloo” as your pet’s name?

-The breeder gave him the show name "Bit O Honey" and when we first saw him we thought he looked like a little bear. So we thought of just calling him Bear, or Grizzly, but we thought of the bear Baloo from the Jungle Book and it fit perfectly. 


2. What is Baloo’s favorite treat?

He loves these little pumpkin teddy bear treats we found at a local pet shop. He also loves ice and anything cardboard to rip up. 


3.Tell us something funny that happened to Baloo.

Everytime we go for a long car ride he goes in his crate and presses his nose against the bars which makes it look like he is smiling at us (see attached picture)


4. Why is Baloo so special?

He has a personality unlike any dog I've ever had. He is very smart but also independent and sassy. Sometimes I think he is more like a person than a dog.


5. What is Baloo’s favorite thing to do?

PLAY! All day every day.


6. How long has Baloo been a patient at CVC?

Almost a year now!


7. Please finish this sentence: My human companion(s) love me so much that…

They buy me the best food, get me lots of toys, take me on long walks and take me to Cinema Vet Center!