Cinema Veterinary Centre


Posted on May 06, 2017 by deborah  | Tags: veterinary medicine, veterinary nurse, veterinary technician, animals, pets, nursing, care, healing canine, dogs, puppy, feline, cats, kittens

Our veterinary technicians and nurses provide the most wonderful care for sick and healthy animals. I'm so incredibly proud of our entire staff. GREAT JOB CINEMA VETERINARY TEAM!!!


“Veterinary nurses provide care for sick animals. They work closely with a veterinary doctor, helping with any care needed to provide a healthy outlook for animals; they also work closely with a veterinary surgeon, helping with surgical procedures, taking blood and urine samples, as well as ensuring an animals’ wellbeing. They tend to have good communication skills and work in a team, to provide the best care.”


This IS our family here at Cinema Veterinary Centre.  I couldn’t be prouder of the team we have and the care we give to our patients.


Great job staff!!  You brighten up each and every day, I LOVE coming in to work!!