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June Pet of the Month

Posted on Jun 07, 2017 by Erin  | Tags: labrador, dog, pretty, love, sweet

Congratulation to Sunny, Our June Pet of the Month!!!!

Here are a few fun facts about this sweet girl:

1.  Why did you decide on “Sunny” as your pet’s name?  Sunny was a stray. That was the name that was given to her by her original owner (It was discovered on the microchip she has).  We got into contact with her original owner who said he gave her away two years ago to someone in Valencia but he doesn’t know their name or where they live.  He wasn’t interested in getting her back, we love the name Sunny and actually call her Sunny D for Sunny Delight because she has been such a delightful dog.

2. What is Sunny’s favorite treat?  Sunny is a Lab so we haven’t found anything that she doesn’t like

3. Tell us something funny that happened to Sunny.  Since Sunny was the last member to join our family of 2 other labs, she is learning her place in the pack especially by Margo our Alpha female pack leader.  One day while I was sitting on the ground and Sunny was getting love from me, Margo pushed her way through the group and made her way under Sunny so that now Margo was next to me and Sunny was draped across the back of Margo with her back legs not even touching the ground.  It was quite comical to see her try to get off Margo’s back and get back in line for the Lab love fest.

4. Why is Sunny so special? Sunny is special because she was a stray who is so grateful for a warm bed, food in her belly and lots of Lab loving.  She has never chewed anything in the house or outside, has never been aggressive with our other dogs or people and is just been the greatest dog.  We still can’t figure out why she was given away 2 years ago and that when we found her skinny and dirty no one stepped forward to claim her despite our posters we put up around town and on Facebook.  Maybe she was destined to be in a home that loves and appreciates her gentle spirit.

5. What is Sunny’s favorite thing to do?  Sunny’s favorite thing to do is go for her daily walks with our other 2 Labs

6.    How long has Sunny been a patient at CVC?  Just since we found her which was about 5 weeks ago

7.  Please finish this sentence: My human companion(s) love me so much that…  My human companions love me so much that they spoil me every day.  Thanks, Sunny for coming to our home!!!