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SEPTEMBER is "Animal Pain Awareness Month!!"

SEPTEMBER is "Animal Pain Awareness Month!!" The staff at Cinema Veterinary Centre are here to educate and inform pet owners about their pet’s health and well-being when it comes to pain management

How cats say, ‘I love you’

Because, common cats aren’t just going to outright say those three little words. Here are the telltale signs that your feline friend is giving you loving-eyes.

Article in "Pet Me! Magazine," written by Cinema Veterinary Centre's own DVM Amber Wheelbarger!!

For a rabbit, this sudden loss of control must be terrifying and confusing. Unfortunately, it is a very real condition and one of the more common medical conditions we see in pet rabbit practice.

The winner of our NexGard/Heartgard Plus drawing has been chosen!!

Congratulations to our Wonderful Client and Friend Adele Waldron for winning the Google Home in our NexGard/Heartgard Plus Drawing!!

Rabbit Dentistry

Dental disease is one of the most common reasons pet rabbits arrive at veterinary clinics. It can produce a wide variety of clinical signs and varies in severity. Although the underlying cause of dental disease can be congenital (from birth) or traumatic, home care is a major influence in the prevention, onset, and treatment of dental disease.