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September Pet of the Month

Posted on Sep 08, 2017 by Erin  | Tags: pet of the month, cute, handsome, boy, love

Congratulations to Charlie!!! Our September Pet of the Month.

Here are a few fun facts about this sweet boy:

1) Why did you decide on “Charlie” as your pet’s name? We were trying to find the best name for our boy when Dani suggested Charlie. One look at him and we knew; he was a Charlie. He also looks like the dog named Charlie from "All Dogs Go to Heaven."


2) What is Charlie’s favorite treat? Charlie's favorite treat is anything chicken or peanut butter flavored.


3) Tell us something funny that happened to Charlie.  Last year we attempted to take our family Christmas photo at a pond near our home. It was a beautiful scene, complete with ducks enjoying a swim on a crisp winter afternoon. Charlie was watching the ducks and we said to each other, "he should be ok off-leash, he doesn't like to swim." Our usually well-behaved boy decided it was a day of firsts. While our arms were filled with camera equipment and props, Charlie took off like an arrow after the ducks and straight into the water! With much yelling and laughter, we got him out of the pond. The only usable photos we got that day were of a cold, wet, and proud dog.


4) Why is Charlie so special? Charlie is kind, sensitive, very smart, and always ready to smile. He gives the best big dog hugs and tail wags. He looks at life like a happy child and reminds us to laugh and enjoy every day. He has us wrapped around his paw. Since we rescued him, he has NEVER had an accident. Even when he has an upset stomach, he makes sure to let us know so he can go outside. He is the sweetest boy and the light of our life.


5) What is Charlie’s favorite thing to do? Charlie's favorite thing to do is go for a walk. He lives for his family stroll through the paseos. He's always looking for squirrels and lizards to chase.


6) How long has Charlie been a patient at CVC? 3 years


7)Please finish this sentence: My human companion(s) love me so much that…... they burst into smiles and baby talk whenever I'm around.