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November Pet of the Month

Posted on Nov 03, 2017 by Erin  | Tags: rook, love, dog, cute, sweet

Congratulations to Rook, Our November Pet of the Month!!!!

Here are a few fun facts about this sweet girl:

1. Why did you decide on “Rook” as your pet’s name? Rook was the name of one of the characters in a book I was reading at the time that we got her.

2. What is Rook’s favorite treat? Turkey hot dogs

3. Tell us something funny that happened to Rook. When she was a puppy, she used to climb into her toy box and play in there.

4. Why is Rook so special? Rook has a personality that is uniquely hers. She's the perfect combination of smart, playful, loyal, and sassy, and we just love her to pieces.

5. What is Rook’s favorite thing to do? Eat treats.

6. How long has Rook been a patient at CVC? 4 years

7. Please finish this sentence: My human companion(s) love me so much that… I'm part of the family, whether I like it or not - I get birthday cakes and Thanksgiving dinners, but I also get Halloween costumes and Christmas pajamas! I'm a good sport, though, and my mom always gives me lots of treats for going along with her shenanigans.