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March Pet of the Month


CONGRATULATIONS to Oliver our March Pet of the Month!!
 Here are a few fun facts about this sweet boy:


1.            Why did you decide on “Oliver” as your pet’s name? My mom's decided to name me when they saw me and I looked like an Oliver to them!

2.            What is Oliver’s…

Dr. Ronchetto on the Radio!

Did you catch Dr. Ronchetto's February 16th radio interview on AM1220 KHTS?  No?  That's okay!  Here it is!


Dr. Ronchetto on the Radio!

Did you catch Dr. Ronchetto last Tuesday on AM1220 KHTS? If not, here is her interview! Remember, if it's cold for you, it's cold for them! Bring your pets inside when it's cold! Also, February is Pet Dental Health Month and Dr. Ronchetto talks about why it's important for your pet to get anesthetic dentals!

Happy Birthday Julia!

Happy Birthday to our Technician Assistant, Julia!

February Pet of the Month

Congratulations to Danno, our February Pet of the Month. Here are a few fun facts about sweet Danno:

1) Why did you decide on “Danno” as your pet’s name? We name all of our pets either Hawaiian or Italian names. We LOVE Hawaii 5-0, so we named him after a character on the show, as in "book 'em, Danno!"


2) What is Danno’s favorite treat? His favorite treat is whatever…

PetPartner App!

Did you know we have an app for your smartphone?  Search for "PetPartner" in your app store or play store and download it for free!  From there you can keep track of your pets' vaccines, request an appointment and get messages from the clinic! 

Dr. Ronchetto on the Radio!

Dr. Ronchetto's January 19th Radio Interview with AM1220 KHTS was about owner compliance. Please don't lie to your vet at your exam! We need to know all the details so we can best help your pet! Catch Dr. Ronchetto on AM1220 every first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:40am!

New Online Store!

Did you know you could request/order your pets' prescriptions via our online store and have it delivery right to your door? Visit our online store to find anything from your pets' prescriptions to diets to flea/tick preventatives! Visit and click on the "Online Store" icon. There you can make an account or you…

Dr. Ronchetto on the Radio!

Here is Dr. Ronchetto's interview on AM1220 KHTS on January 5, 2016!  Find out what she has to say about getting your pet back to healthy weight after the holidays, pets' eating habits and pets' body condition scores!  You can catch the interview live, every other Tuesday on AM1220 KHTS!

January Pet of the Month

Congratulations to Chip or January pet of the Month!!

1.      Why…

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