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Star of the Month for December!








































Star of the Month for November!



Congratulations to Theo, our Pet of the Month for November! Here are some fun facts about Theo:

This is how Theo got his name:  When we go Theo his name was T-Bird. We liked the T part but needed something different. When I was walking…

Star of the Month for October 2013!

1. Why did you decide on “Gabby” as your pet’s name?
She got her name because she is a very vocal cat, and enjoys "talking" to us.  Gabby was the loudest cat at the shelter we adopted her from - we didn't just choose her, she yelled that she was coming home with us... Right meow!!

2. What is Gabby’s favorite treat?
Her favorite treat would be…

Star of the Month for September 2013



Congrats to our September Star of the Month, Norman !

Here are some fun facts about Norman:

- He came with his name from the Devore Animal Shelter.
- He…

Tips For Handling a Lost Dog

If you come across a lost dog and feel comfortable helping him, here are a few tips on how to do this as safely as possible.

-          Instead of chasing the dog, ask the dog to come to you in a higher-pitched but calm voice. The lower your voice, the more a dog will translate that into a growl. Drop to your knees and sit with your side facing the dog, as not to seem threatening.

-         …

Benefits of Pre-Surgical Testing

Prior to any anesthetic procedure, it is highly recommended we perform a basic blood test to determine that your pet is in good health.  Pre-surgical testing allows us to establish healthy baseline values; there are times when your pets’ blood values will change and having the healthy values will allow us to determine how subtle or significant those changes are. Having blood work performed will…

Star of the Month August 2013

Sunshine Jonas



Congratulations to Sunshine Jonas who is out Star of the Month for August!

Here are some fun facts about Sunshine:

- Sunshine's owners got her name from the owners Send Out Cards business. "There was a card that says 'Sunshine follows you everywhere.'…

Star of the Month for July 2013!

Congratulations to Kramer Carmody who is our Star of the Month for July!!

Here are some fun facts about Kramer:

- Kramer's owners said he got his name "When he arrived at our home on his first day with us, he slid across the floor, his hair on his head stood straight up, and we…

Water Safety for Dogs

Summer is here and the temperature is already soaring.  Cooling off by the pool or heading off to the beach or lake are great ways to beat the heat with your pet.   Water fun can quickly turn into disaster if you’re not careful however.  Here are some helpful tips from the ASPCA to…

Star of the Month for June 2013!


Here's some fun facts about Ivory:

- Ivory's name came about from the fact that her coloring is an "ivory" color and it seemed like a great name!

-Ivory's favorite treats are bully sticks. She loves to chew on…

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