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See and Save with our "Puppy Packages"

Getting a new puppy in your home? Save with our awesome "Puppy Packages!!" Pay once, and then come in for all of your puppy's needs as they are due, AND SAVE!!

November is "National Pet Cancer Awareness Month!"

Cancer is the number one disease-related cause of death for domesticated dogs and cats in the United States. And, it not only takes a heavy emotional and financial toll on pet owners, but all too often, the prognosis isn’t good.


Cinema Veterinary Staff want you to be diligent, and DO NOT let friends or family members feed these tempting foods to your pets, most can be DEADLY!!

$5 Fridays!!

Fridays: Canine and Feline Rabies Vaccines $5, Heartworm Tests $5 Off, and FeLV/FIV Combo Tests $5 Off.

Why we should Spay and Neuter our PETS ASAP!!

Why we should Spay and Neuter our PETS!! Please call Cinema Veterinary Centre to schedule an Exam and Sterilization ASAP @ 661-253-9300


Lethargy. Excessive thirst. Frequent urination. If your pet is displaying any of these common signs, he or she may have diabetes.

Your pets are bored to death…

Use these 9 quick and easy pet enrichment tips to help put the “play” back in pets’ “playtime.”

November Pet of the Month

Congratulations to Rook, Our November Pet of the Month!!!!

Here are a few fun facts about this sweet girl:

1. Why did you decide on “Rook” as your pet’s name? Rook was the name of one of the characters in a book I was reading at the time that we got her.

2. What is Rook’s favorite treat? Turkey hot dogs

3. Tell us something funny that happened to Rook. When she…


Blood samples are taken to investigate and diagnose many illnesses. Most tests are performed and sent away to external laboratories. We use different laboratories to perform different tests depending on their specialties.

Ask Cinema Veterinary Centre how to get your FREE sample of JustFoodForDogs!!

We have the Daily Diets for your pet to try! (One sample per diet per pet only) Is your dog on a prescription diet? Ask Dr. Jaimie or Dr. Amber about which JustFoodForDogs diet might be right for them!

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