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Because Cinema Veterinary Center wants you to be prepared in case of an Emergency!!

Here are some helpful items to consider when making an emergency first aid kit for your pet. Store the items in a waterproof container. Make sure to note the seasonal items (e.g. winter blankets, season appropriate medicines, etc.) and expiration dates.


Dogs can suffer from Sunburn too, leading to irritation, hair loss and potential skin cancers. Use a specifically formulated sunscreen for dogs to avoid health risks and apply to: Lips, Tips of Ears, Nose, Belly, and Groin. Reapply throughout the day, especially after water play!!

Please read these tips and keep your furry family member safe on this Fourth of July!!

Please read these tips and keep your furry family member safe on this Fourth of July!!

Dr. Ronchetto on the Radio!

Did you catch Dr. Ronchetto on the radio last week? Here is her interview on KHTS AM1220!

Here she talks about Halloween tips for your pet! Do they get scared when the door bell rings? Make sure your pets don't get into the candy and feed them their regular diet over the holiday season!

Catch Dr. Ronchetto every other…

Fourth of July Pet Tips!

This is a good article by PetMD about Fourth of July safety for your pet!  Please take a read as the holiday is fast approaching.  Please call us if you have any questions! 1-661-253-9300!

Pet Safety Tips for Heat Waves!

Please remember these tips this weekend as we get into the 100s!

1. LOTS of water!
2. Do not leave your pet in the car!
3. Limit activity and keep your pet shaded!
4. If it's too hot for the back of your hand, it's too hot for pets' paws!
5. Get to the vet ASAP if you think your pet is experiencing symptoms of heat stroke!

Have a safe and fun weekend!

Cold Weather Pet Safety

It's cold out there!

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and give thanks. But it can be a very dangerous time for your pets. Keep this list handy of okay foods and foods you want to avoid.

- Sage and other herbs
- Onions
- Cooked bones
- Gravy
- Skin of turkey

Tips For Handling a Lost Dog

If you come across a lost dog and feel comfortable helping him, here are a few tips on how to do this as safely as possible.

-          Instead of chasing the dog, ask the dog to come to you in a higher-pitched but calm voice. The lower your voice, the more a dog will translate that into a growl. Drop to your knees and sit with your side facing the dog, as not to seem threatening.

-         …

Benefits of Pre-Surgical Testing

Prior to any anesthetic procedure, it is highly recommended we perform a basic blood test to determine that your pet is in good health.  Pre-surgical testing allows us to establish healthy baseline values; there are times when your pets’ blood values will change and having the healthy values will allow us to determine how subtle or significant those changes are. Having blood work performed will…

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