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Cinema Veterinary Centre believes the biggest compliment is your referral of us to your friends and family!

We are proud to announce that we have implemented a referral reward program! For every referral you are credited for by name, you will receive a $10 gift certificate good towards any purchase at our clinic!

Keep pets appropriately active following surgery!!

Keep pets appropriately active following surgery They'll think they're healed well before they really are.

Because Cinema Veterinary Center wants you to be prepared in case of an Emergency!!

Here are some helpful items to consider when making an emergency first aid kit for your pet. Store the items in a waterproof container. Make sure to note the seasonal items (e.g. winter blankets, season appropriate medicines, etc.) and expiration dates.

Help Cinema Veterinary Centre Celebrate "National Iguana Awareness Day" on Friday, September 8th, 2017!!

Celebrate National Iguana Awareness Day by learning all about these cute reptiles and how to protect and take care of them. If you have an iguana at home, take pictures with your lovely iguana and share it with others on social media using the hashtag #IguanaAwarenessDay.

SEPTEMBER is "Animal Pain Awareness Month!!"

SEPTEMBER is "Animal Pain Awareness Month!!" The staff at Cinema Veterinary Centre are here to educate and inform pet owners about their pet’s health and well-being when it comes to pain management

How cats say, ‘I love you’

Because, common cats aren’t just going to outright say those three little words. Here are the telltale signs that your feline friend is giving you loving-eyes.

The winner of our NexGard/Heartgard Plus drawing has been chosen!!

Congratulations to our Wonderful Client and Friend Adele Waldron for winning the Google Home in our NexGard/Heartgard Plus Drawing!!

Parked Cars are Death Traps for Your Pets AND Children!!

Here at Cinema Veterinary Centre, we want you (our family members) to read, learn, and spread the word!!


Dogs can suffer from Sunburn too, leading to irritation, hair loss and potential skin cancers. Use a specifically formulated sunscreen for dogs to avoid health risks and apply to: Lips, Tips of Ears, Nose, Belly, and Groin. Reapply throughout the day, especially after water play!!

Saturday, July 15th is Pet Fire Safety Day!!!

Keep your pets safe in case of FIRE!!!

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