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Star of the Month for December 2012!

Posted on Dec 02, 2012 by jronchetto  | Tags: pet of the month, dogs

 Star of the Month - December
Congratulations to "Willie" and the Koch Family!! Sweet Willie is our Star of the Month for December and will be featured on our STAR wall in the lobby.
Here is what "Willie's" proud family has to say about him:
- Willie is so silly! He is the most light-hearted, fun-loving dog I have ever met.
- Willie loves carrying around around any toy in his mouth and getting hugs and kisses, those are his favorite treats!!!
- Willie is a clown and everyday is funny with Willie. The most specific thing though is the day we were camping and Willie went running into the next camp we then heard people laughing. Suddenly we see Willie running around with a huge french loaf in his mouth. He is such a good boy he gave it right back but he looked so proud of himself!!!!
- Willie is so special because at 6 weeks old he was left on our doorstep in a cardboard box. It was very cold outside and he was scared, his first family discarded him but he makes everyday fun and exciting!!!
- He loves going for mountain hikes with his human family and his sisters Ryder (labrador) and Greta (French Bulldog)
- Willie has been a patient at CVC since the opening.
Here is what Willie says about his family:
"My human companion(s) love me so much that…they kiss me and hug me all the time and can't imagine life without me, oh yeah and they take me on awesome hikes all the time."
Congratulations Willie!  We love you!