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Heartworm Awareness Month

April is Heartworm Awareness Month here at Cinema Veterinary Centre and we would like to share some of our knowledge about heartworm disease with you.  If you haven’t heard of heartworm disease before that is probably because it is much more prominent in the east coast and south, but since Hurricane Katrina, Southern California has seen several outbreaks of heartworm in local areas. The local coyote…

Star of the Month for March 2013!

Congratulations to Harley and the Grubbs Family! Harley is our Star of the Month for March!

  Here is what…

Rattlesnake Season and Vaccination

Can you believe it’s already March? The year is passing before our very eyes, and now that it is March that means next month will start warming up – and the start of Rattlesnake season begins. Unfortunately, the Santa Clarita Valley landscape is a very common place for these reptiles. While we as humans know the danger they can bring and know to stay away from them, our canine friends are very curious…

Introduction to Canine Dental Care

February is Pet Dental Health Month!  The crew has put together a short video to demonstrate how to safely introduce tooth brushing to your pet.

Star of the Month for February 2013

MEET "FORD" TOOPS! Our "Star of the Month" for February!!!

Here is what Ford's family says about their big, handsome boy:

- We picked Ford as his name because it sounded like a good strong name for such a strong boy.

- Ford's favorite treats are bully sticks.


Star of the Month for January 2013!


Congratuations to Miss "Gracie Ruth" and the O'Connell Family!

As star of the month, Gracie will be featured here as well as our Facebook page and have a special place of honor on our Star Wall in the lobby.

Here is what…

New Years Tips for You and Your Pet

While we like to ring in the New Year with parties and fun, all that “ringing” can be terrifying for your pets.  So here are some tips from Animal Care and Control to help keep your pet safe and stress free.

  • Keep your pets indoors and away from windows.  Fireworks can frighten pets and cause them to act out of the ordinary.
  • Because fireworks and noisemakers can frighten…

More Holiday Hazards for Pets

'Tis the holiday season and being aware of these common holiday hazards will help you to keep your four-legged family members days merry and bright. Happy Holidays!!

  • Remember that many of  our favorite foods at this time of year can cause problems for you pets. Keep these tempting foods out of pet's reach: Alcohol, chocolate (all types, but the darker it is then the more dangerous…

Star of the Month for December 2012!

 Star of the Month - December


CVC is very pleased to announce that we now have vaccine clinic hours! Each Saturday from 9 am to Noon, your pet can recieve their needed vaccines at a reduced price.  Your pet must have an up to date physical examination by Dr. Ronchetto in order to participate. Please call our office at 661-253-9300 for more information and to book your vaccine appointment. Appointments are preferred but walk-ins…

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