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Star of the Month for July 2013!

Congratulations to Kramer Carmody who is our Star of the Month for July!!

Here are some fun facts about Kramer:

- Kramer's owners said he got his name "When he arrived at our home on his first day with us, he slid across the floor, his hair on his head stood straight up, and we…

Water Safety for Dogs

Summer is here and the temperature is already soaring.  Cooling off by the pool or heading off to the beach or lake are great ways to beat the heat with your pet.   Water fun can quickly turn into disaster if you’re not careful however.  Here are some helpful tips from the ASPCA to…

Star of the Month for June 2013!


Here's some fun facts about Ivory:

- Ivory's name came about from the fact that her coloring is an "ivory" color and it seemed like a great name!

-Ivory's favorite treats are bully sticks. She loves to chew on…

Quick Tips for a Safe and Fun Memorial Weekend with Your Pet

 Here are some good safety tips to keep in mind while you celebrate Memorial Day this weekend.

- KEEP ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OUT OF PAWS REACH:  Alcohol is poisonous to pets so make sure your pet cannot accidentally consume any beer, wine or spirits.

- KEEP PETS ON THEIR REGULAR DIET: Although it is easy to cave to the pleading of those big puppy dog eyes, its better to just say no! …

Star of the Month for May 2013!

Meet Cody Jones! Cody is our Star of the Month for May! We love Cody and so does his family. Here is wat his family say about sweet Cody:

- My son Colin and I named him Cody after one of the first Golden's that I met many years ago. He was such a beautiful…

Fun Pet Facts

Presented by VPI Pet insurance, here are some interesting facts about our feline and canine friends.

  • Dogs only sweat from the bottoms of their feet, the only way they can discharge heat is by panting.
  • Cats do not have sweat glands.
  • Dogs have about 100 different facial expressions, most of them made with the ears.
  • A cat can jump as much as seven times…

Heartworm Awareness Month

April is Heartworm Awareness Month here at Cinema Veterinary Centre and we would like to share some of our knowledge about heartworm disease with you.  If you haven’t heard of heartworm disease before that is probably because it is much more prominent in the east coast and south, but since Hurricane Katrina, Southern California has seen several outbreaks of heartworm in local areas. The local coyote…

Star of the Month for March 2013!

Congratulations to Harley and the Grubbs Family! Harley is our Star of the Month for March!

  Here is what…

Rattlesnake Season and Vaccination

Can you believe it’s already March? The year is passing before our very eyes, and now that it is March that means next month will start warming up – and the start of Rattlesnake season begins. Unfortunately, the Santa Clarita Valley landscape is a very common place for these reptiles. While we as humans know the danger they can bring and know to stay away from them, our canine friends are very curious…

Introduction to Canine Dental Care

February is Pet Dental Health Month!  The crew has put together a short video to demonstrate how to safely introduce tooth brushing to your pet.

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